Writing a Stellar Resume

When presenting your resume to a prospective employer whether on paper or online, you have only 15-30 seconds to grab the attention of the reader. It is critical to put the present yourself as best as possible right from the start. From a substance viewpoint, a resume should begin with a "Qualifications Summary," which is a 3-8 sentence review of your professional experience. You may also begin with a title of the position you are targeting or have held. Unless you have recently graduated or are changing fields, an "Objective" is not the proper way to begin the resume. In your "Summary of Qualifications" you can demonstrate your skills front and center, "twenty years of experience in digital marketing," "gifted in building solid teams," or "familiar with Mandarin and Cantonese". Next, you have to characterize your "Core Competencies" and quickly rundown decisive words as though you were going to put the resume